Stories of Service

Bonnie Hill

Meet Bonnie Hill!

Bonnie is in her third year of serving as the chairman of the bereavement food committee. She became passionate about this work when the folks at Southcrest lovingly attended her needs when she lost her husband, Ed, four years ago.

“They were so good to me when my husband died. It meant so much to me. And because I can empathize with people in this pain, loving others well during this season of grief brings me deep joy. I know I am loving someone and helping them in an incredibly special way.” 

Before the pandemic, the food committee would host bereaved families by providing a meal for them and their out of town guests after a funeral. Committee members took turns coming up to the building to prepare the room and help the kitchen staff.

“We allowed the families to have as much time as they wanted to visit and be together. That time together is so essential. I’m pleased to know Southcrest is still able to provide food directly to a person’s home during this time when the building has had to be closed.”

Bonnie has been a member of Southcrest since 2005. She and her late husband moved here from Springfield, MO, to be closer to her daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids. She enjoys a retired life as it allows her to do things that are important to her, such as volunteering and being with her family. Bonnie plays the piano and has turned her hobby of sewing into volunteer work with projects including “Dress a Girl Around the World” and, more recently, sewing and donating face masks! 

Thank you, Bonnie, for your loving care for the heartbroken families among us. We are thankful for your presence during these tender moments.

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