Meet Our Team

Senior Pastor

Dr. David Wilson

Senior Pastor

Executive Pastors

Dr. Brandon Hays

Executive Pastor of NextGen Ministries

Jack Loudder

Executive Pastor of Business Administration

Dr. Jerry Newman

Executive Pastor of Worship & Media

Ken Carter

Executive Pastor of Adult Ministries

Danny Henderson

Executive Pastor of Member Care

Southcrest Staff

Allie Wood

Administrative Assistant to Singles/Missions/ActNow & Women's Ministries

Allison Webb

Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor + Facility Rental, Prayer Ministry, & Funerals

Andrea Lyle

Executive Assistant to the Pastor of Member Care

Andrea Martinez

Journey Ministry Resident

Arielle Moussa

Food Service Team Leader/Chef

Ashley Connelly

Executive Assistant to the Pastor of Business Administration

Austin Damron

Associate Pastor of High School

Caitlyn Mercer

Student Ministry Resident

Cara Garner

Co-KDO Director

Casey Shimfessel

Associate Pastor of Middle School

Cole Rhoades

Journey Pastor

Collin Britt

Executive Assistant of Worship & Media

David Maddox

Associate Worship Leader

Delia Maddox

Administrative Assistant to Student Ministries

Eric Chaffin

Associate Pastor of Singles & Discipleship

Gary Beaty

Associate Pastor of Missions

Howard Mayne

Facilities Manager

Jackson Bailey

Graphic Designer

Jase Higgins

Journey Ministry Resident

Jeana Voss

Food Service Team Member

Jenny Hicks

Communications Coordinator

Julia Copeland

Executive Coordinator of NextGen Ministry

Julius Irakoze

Journey Ministry Resident

Katie Harden

Journey Ministry Coordinator

Katrina Ballentine

Director of Communications

Kayla Weber

Children's Ministry Assistant

Kellie Martin

Director of Preteen Ministry

Korbin Conatser

Student Ministry Resident/High School Worship

Liz Speer


Lynda Robertson

Food Service Team Member

Lynsey Wells

Print Content Coordinator & Copywriter

Mary Kay Baker

Co-Director of KDO Program/Resource Coordinator

Mason Swofford

IT Specialist

Melissa Meredith

Director of Women's Ministry

Misti Beaver

Accounts Payable Manager

Pam Copeland

Director of Children's Ministry

Patti Rickman

Preschool Ministry Assistant

Rachel Weldy

Director of Preschool Ministry

Robert Todd

Production/Lighting Manager

Rodney Richardson

Director of Evangelism

Rusty McDonald


Rusty Trowbridge

Technical Director/Lead Audio Technician

Sara Simmons

Executive Assistant to the Pastor of Adult Ministries

Shayna White

Human Resources/Payroll Administrator

Shelley Mouzon

Financial Team Member

TJ Gutierrez

Associate Audio/Media Technician

Tony Ward

Associate Pastor of Young Adults